title. Under My Bed

date. 2017

category. short film

running time. 4.30 minutes

Project 02


At bedtime, the little Elise is checking every single corner of her bedroom to make sure that no monster is hiding somewhere.

Repeating her ritual for the second time this night, but in a different order finishing by checking under her bed, she saw something that makes her scream.  

When her mother arrived in the bedroom she found her daughter Elise paralyzed on her bed.


Director's statement

Checking our bedroom before bedtime it’s something that everybody did in his childhood. 

This is the best way to be sure that we are in a safe place before going to bed…that no monster is hidden under our bed or behind the cupboard.

Starting with this main postulate, the idea of this shortcut film is to add a children song to warn children: if you are making the round in the wrong way, something will happen… this « thing » could be interpreted in different ways, but the first one, the main one is that we are talking about a monster. 

« Under My Bed » deals with the childhood rituals that children are afraid not doing right. When we are a child, we are most sensitive with everything linked with superstition. As for example, walking on a sidewalk and never letting our foot falling on a line, jumping from a square to another one, thinking that if we fail something bad will happen. This is exactly the same superstition notion we are talking about in the story of « Under My Bed ». The movie tells the bases of a legend/superstition which give us at the end different possibilities, from the absolute horror of being devoured by a monster, to a simple children nightmare from which we want to wake up.


Kristen Vermilyea

Elise Harbough



Anastase Liaros

Written and directed by

Nicolas Meyer

Director of Photography

Allan Mantilleri

Sound engineer and Sound design

Philippe Fivet


ALPROD films


Maxime Raymond

Assistant camera


Julia Jeanneret
Coralie Domet De Mont

Makeup and Effects


Léa Marconi



Anastase Liaros

Edited by

Boris Rabusseau

Post-production and colorist