title. Low Battery

date. 2010

category. short film

running time. 15 minutes


How to be sure of not missing out our life? This is the question that Achille is wondering during a job interview in a bank.
During his conversation with the HR manager, he is remembering the years during which he tried to become a movie director and tries to figure out why he is here, applying for this job. 
In these few minutes he has to take a decision which will maybe make all his cinema dreams disappear forever. Unless if…



Guillaume Prin

Elodie Bordas



Anastase Liaros

Written and directed by

Nicolas Meyer

Director of Photography

Thiebaud Buchs

Sound engineer and Sound design

ALPROD films


Jonathan Blanc

Assistant camera


Faustine de Montmollin



Ariane Catton

Edited by

Chan Won Park

Post-production and colorist