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title. Hide and Seek

date. 2017

category. short film

running time. 12 minutes

Project 02


Samira is a domestic servant working for a family of diplomats in Geneva, spending her time looking after their small daughter, until one day, a game of hide and seek presents a tempting opportunity. 


Director's statement

Inspired by real events and a documentary
for Swiss television that I made in 2013 about modern slavery, the story’s main character is a domestic servant. There are hundreds of these servants who are employed and abused by families of diplomats, expatriates and even executives working for NGOs. It is still a very common reality that plagues cities such as London, New York or Geneva.

Set in a public park during the span of
an afternoon, the film tells the story of Samira’s quest for freedom. Physically and psychologically abused from childhood, the young woman follows her instinct trying to escape for a better life.

The intimate camera focuses closely on Samira’s face, capturing her soul in this desperate fight, then ultimately revealing her extreme loneliness. In the end, Samira is alone in the park which now feels like a prison.



Nastassja Tanner

Noora Tabrizi

Zoubida Akif

Kristen Vermilyea

Irene Godel

Samir Ferradji

Sebastien Teti



Anastase Liaros

Written and directed by

Thomas Szczepanski

Director of Photography

Allan Mantilleri

Sound engineer and Sound design

Thierry Charollais


ALPROD films



Alexandre Lachavanne

Executive producer

Maxime Raymond

Assistant camera


Julia Jeanneret
Coralie Domet De Mont

Makeup and Effects


Léa Marconi



Anastase Liaros

Edited by

Boris Rabusseau

Post-production and colorist  

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